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Ridda I, Heywood A, Hueston L, Dwyer D, MacIntyre CR. The burden of pertussis in patients with and without recurrent ischaemic vascular events. Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets. [Epub ahead of print]. October 2014. [Abstract]

Gao Z, Wood JG, Gidding HF, Newall AT, Menzies RI, Wang H, McIntyre PB, Macintyre CR. Control of varicella in the post-vaccination era in Australia: a model-based assessment of catch-up and infant vaccination strategies for the future. Epidemiol Infect. 143(7):1467-1476. September 2014.

Menzies RI, Jayasinghe SH, Krause VL, Chiu CK, McIntyre PB. Impact of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in people aged 65 years or older. The Medical Journal of Australia. 200 (2): 112-115. August 2014. [Full text]

Freeman E, Lawrence G, McAnulty J, Tobin S, MacIntyre CR, Torvaldsen S. Field effectiveness of hepatitis A vaccine and uptake of post exposure prophylaxis following a change to the Australian guidelines. Vaccine. 32(42):5509-13. August 2014. [Full text]

Heywood AE, Macartney KK, Wang H, McIntyre P. Varicella and herpes zoster hospitalizations before and after implementation of one-dose varicella vaccination in Australia: an ecological study. Bulletin of the World Health Organisation. 92: 593–604. August 2014.

Maher L, Dawson A, Wiley K, Hope K, Torvaldsen S, Lawrence G, Conaty S. Influenza vaccination during pregnancy: a qualitative study of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices of general practitioners in Central and South-Western Sydney. BMC Family Practice. 15(1):102. May 2014. [Full text]

MacIntyre CR, Ridda I, Gao Z, Moa AM,  McIntyre PB, Sullivan JS, Jones TR, Hayen A, Lindley RI . A Randomized Clinical Trial of the Immunogenicity of 7-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Compared to 23-Valent Polysaccharide Vaccine in Frail, Hospitalized Elderly. PLOS ONE. 24(2):310-314. April 2014. [Full text]

Liyanage SS, Segelov E, Malik A, Garland SM, Tabrizi SN, Cummins E, Seale H, Rahman B, Moa A, Barbour AP, Crowe PJ, MacIntyre CR. A case-control study of the role of human papillomavirus in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Australia. Journal of Oncology. vol. 2014, Article ID 236482. April 2014. [Full text]

Cunningham AL, Litt J and MacIntyre CR. Immunisation for herpes zoster: current status. The Medical Journal of Australia. 200(5):243-244. March 2014. [Full text]

Newall AT, Dehollain JP. The cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination in elderly Australians: An exploratory analysis of the vaccine efficacy required. Vaccine. 32(12):1323-5. March 2014. [Full text]

MacIntyre CR, Heywood AE. The Bradford-Hill criteria and evidence of association between influenza vaccination and ischaemic heart disease. Heart. Online publication. January 2014. January 2014.

MacIntyre CR, Heywood AE, Koovor P . Influenza virus vaccine reduces risk of ischemic events: time for a large-scale randomized trial?. Future Cardiology. 10(1) 35-37. January 2014.

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