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Are we prepared for bioterrorism?

(SYDNEY, Tuesday 21 August 2018) Preparedness could be the difference between a contained local outbreak and a global pandemic if there was a smallpox attack in the Pacific today, a bioterrorism… more
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Simulated smallpox pandemic

Experts determined during a recently completed hypothetical bioterrorism scenario, which imagines a smallpox outbreak originating in Fiji, that ample preparedness and response capabilities dictate… more
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Ask The Doctor, Episode 10 Cold and Flu

Episode 10 Cold and Flu In this episode, we're helping you to fight off colds & flu. Dr Sandro reveals which home remedies work & which ones don't. Dr Shalin finds out what the difference is… more
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Conversation article by Raina MacIntyre and Holly Seale

Here’s why flu vaccinations should be mandatory for Aussie health workers in high-risk areas. On June 1, health workers in New South Wales will be required to have a flu vaccination if they work in… more
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Engaging patients in infection control - updating the communication strategy

New funding success! Healthcare associated infections continue to have a negative impact on the health outcomes of patients in Australian Hospital. Despite the introduction of a range of… more
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VIDEO: Flu Season- Today Tonight interviewed Raina MacIntyre

Making yourself flu-proof – what to eat to keep winter bugs at bay. #fluseason #fluvaccine Watch video:

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