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Here's Why Measles Coming Back Is Actually Scary As Hell . The Junkee Takeaway

Wondering why measles is making a comeback? In the latest The Junkee Takeaway, Professor Raina MacIntyre talks to Junkee to explain why measles is making a resurgence and how we can tackle it. WATCH… more
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Measles vaccination: Australians urged to get vaccine amid outbreaks

Australians aged between 20 and 53 who are travelling overseas are being urged to check their measles vaccination history and if necessary get an additional dose, as authorities report a dramatic… more
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First case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid reported in Australia

Australia's first case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid has been confirmed in a 20-month-old girl, who was taken to hospital suffering with high fever and vomiting. Professor Raina MacIntyre,… more
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Third person diagnosed with measles in Australia in two days

Despite measles being officially eradicated in Australia in 2014, the epidemics overseas have led to travellers bringing the highly-infectious disease back home. With its high rates of vaccination,… more
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Why the DRC Ebola outbreak was declared a global emergency

WHY THE DRC EBOLA OUTBREAK WAS DECLARED A GLOBAL EMERGENCY AND WHY IT MATTERS. In mid-July the WHO declared the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a Public Health Emergency of… more
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Should NIP flu vaccines be extended to 50 year olds?

A new study has examined the effect of flu vaccine in preventing heart attack – while one expert warns of subpar overall uptake and the Guild calls for vaccine harmonisation. A study presented at… more

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