Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Set Isolated On White Background.

Australian epidemiologists call for global action to eliminate COVID-19

Three senior epidemiologists in Australia—Guy Marks, Brendan Crabb and Raina MacIntyre—have issued an urgent appeal entitled “Backed by Science: Here’s How We Can Eliminate COVID-… more
Warning Sign For Emergency. Billboard Says Attention Please, Pandemic Covid-19 Emergency With Virus Symbol

Amid cascading failures, where is the leadership?

It’s time politicians and health officials stop calling the Omicron variant “mild”, and invest in testing, tracing, good quality masks and safe indoor air, and a range of other… more
 An Open Book

NewSouth acquires MacIntyre book on pandemics

 NewSouth Publishing has announced the acquisition of a book on pandemics and biosecurity by Raina Macintyre, professor of global security at UNSW’s Kirby Institute. Read more
Gluing Felt Insulation Tape For Entrance Doors. Insulation Of The House. Eliminate The Draft From Under The Door

Covid-19 expert bizarrely suggests TAPING up doors and wearing masks to stop the virus spreading in your home even BEFORE anyone tests positive

Australians should go so far as sealing gaps between doors in their homes to prevent the spread of Covid, a medical expert has suggested. READ MORE
Anonymous Crowd Of People Walking Wearing Masks

Australian air quality standards needed to combat Covid, say experts

Ineffectual hand-washing advice remains widespread but awareness of viral airborne transmission lags behind READ MORE
Protection Kit From Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. There'S Hand Sanitizer Bottles, Blue Disposable surgical  Masks

Omicron has arrived, here’s how to prepare for a COVID-19 case in the home

This time two years ago, many Australians were organising their bushfire go-bag; a kit of emergency items set aside to ensure families were able to evacuate safely at a moments… more

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To reduce the immunisation gap between adults and children through research, teaching and advocacy, with a special focus on the elderly, high risk and vulnerable populations.

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