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MacIntyre CR. Elderly vaccination—The glass is half full. Heart . 5 (12A): 80-85 . December 2013. [Full text]

MacIntyre CR, Heywood AE, Kovoor P, Ridda I, Seale H, Tan T, Gao Z, Katelaris AL, Siu HWD, Lo V, Lindley R, Dwyer DE. Ischaemic heart disease, influenza and influenza vaccination: a prospective case control study . Heart. Online publication. December 2013. [Full text]

Ridda I, Gao Z, MacIntyre CR. Attitudes, knowledge and perceptions towards whooping cough and pertussis vaccine in hospitalized adults. Vaccine. 32(9):1107-1112. December 2013.

Zheng Y, Yang P, Wu S, Ma C, Seale H, MacIntyre CR, Wang Q. A cross-sectional study of factors associated with uptake of vaccination against influenza among older residents in the postpandemic season in Beijing, China. BMJ Open. 2013;3: e003662. November 2013. [Full text]

Liyanage SS, Li Q, Zheng Y, Seale H, Crowe PJ, Newall AT, Rahman B, Segelov E, Qu C-X, Zhao F-H, Liu J-F, Gao Z, Shi W, Yang P, Moa A, MacIntyre CR. The relationship between human papillomavirus and oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma in China – a review of the evidence. Adv Infect Dis. 3 (1): 17-34. November 2013.

Newall AT, Reyes JF, Wood JG, McIntyre P, Menzies R, Beutels P. Economic evaluations of implemented vaccination programmes: key methodological challenges in retrospective analyses. Vaccine. 32(7):759-65. November 2013. [Full text]

R. I. Menzies, P. Markey, R Boyd, A. P. Koehler, P. B. McIntyre. No evidence of increasing Haemophilus influenzae non-b infection in Australian Aboriginal children. International Journal of Circumpolar Health. 72: 20992. August 2013. August 2013. [Full text]

Liyanage SS, Rahman B, Ridda I, Newall AT, Tabrizi SN, Garland SM, Segelov E, Seale H, Crowe PJ, Moa A, MacIntyre CR.. The aetiological role of human papillomavirus in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis. PLoS ONE. 8(7): e69238. July 2013. [Full text]

Gidding HF, Graves SR . Could it be Q fever? Seven lessons for Australia from the recent Dutch epidemic. Medical Journal of Australia. 198 (1): 9-10. January 2013. [Full text]

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