Data linkage

Program leader: A/Prof Bette Liu
A/Prof Heather Gidding, Dr Rob Menzies, A/Prof Anthony Newall, Dr David Muscatello, A/Prof Robin Turner, A/Prof James Wood, Dr Surendra Karki, Dr Alex Rosewell, Dr Anita Heywood
Students: Ms Amalie Dyda

We conduct analyses of large datasets linked together in order to better understand, the burden of vaccine preventable diseases in the population, factors associated with vaccine uptake, and estimate vaccine effectiveness at a population level. The large datasets used allow us to provide more reliable estimates and to look at populations that are sometimes difficult to study in smaller samples. 
Some of our current large-scale studies include:

  • Linking a cohort of over 250,000 adults, “The 45 and Up Study”, to information on notifications and hospitalisations for vaccine preventable diseases to investigate disease burden and factors associated with vaccination; 
  • Linkage of over 500,000 records of women giving birth to data on the vaccine preventable infection, hepatitis B;
  • Linkage of a cohort of 2 million Australian born children to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) and to vaccine preventable disease notifications and hospitalisations. 

Mission statement

To reduce the immunisation gap between adults and children through research, teaching and advocacy, with a special focus on the elderly, high risk and vulnerable populations.

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