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Liu B, Guthridge S, Li SQ, Markey P, Krause V, McIntyre P, Sullivan E, Ward J, Wood N, Kaldor JM. The end of the Australia antigen? An ecological study of the impact of universal newborn hepatitis B vaccination two decades on. Vaccine. 30(50): 7309-14. November 2012. [Full text]

Seale H, Trung L, Mackie FE, Kennedy SE, Boros C, Marshall H, Tidswell J, Shaw PJ, Montgomery K, MacIntyre CR. A qualitative study investigating knowledge and attitudes regarding human papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV vaccine among parents of immunosuppressed children. Vaccine . 30(49):7027-31. November 2012. [Full text]

Ridda I, Yin JK, King C, MacIntyre CR, McIntyre P. The importance of pertussis in older adults: a growing case for reviewing vaccination strategy in the elderly. Vaccine. 30(48):6745-6752. November 2012. [Full text]

Booy R, Lindley RI, Dwyer DE, Yin J, Heron L, Moffatt C, Chiu C, Rosewell A, Dean A, Dobbins T, Philp DJ, Gao Z, MacIntyre CR. Treating and preventing influenza in aged care facilities: a cluster randomised controlled trial. PLoS One. 7(10):e46509.. October 2012. [Full text]

Berry JG, Ryan P, Gold MS, Braunack-Mayer AJ, Duszynski KM, for the Vaccine Assessment Using Linked Data (VALiD) Working Group. A randomised controlled trial to compare opt-in and opt-out parental consent for childhood vaccine safety surveillance using data linkage. Journal of Medical Ethics. 38(10):619-625 . October 2012. [Full text]

Seale H, Kaur R, Macintyre CR. Understanding Australian healthcare workers' uptake of influenza vaccination: examination of public hospital policies and procedures. BMC Health Services Research. 12(1):325. September 2012. [Full text]

Seale H, Macintyre CR. Seasonal influenza vaccination in Australian hospital health care workers: a review. Medical Journal of Australia. 195(6):336-8. September 2012. [Full text]

Heywood AE, Newall AT, Gao Z, Wood JG, Breschkin A, Nicholson S, Gidding HF, Dwyer DE, Gilbert GL, Macintyre CR. Changes in seroprevalence to hepatitis A in Victoria, Australia: a comparison of three time points. Vaccine. 30(42):6020-6026. September 2012. [Full text]

Newall AT, Dehollain JP, Wood JG. Under-explored assumptions in influenza vaccination models: Implications for the universal vaccination of children. Vaccine . 30(39):5776–5781. August 2012. [Full text]

Ward K, Chow MY, King C, Leask J. Strategies to improve vaccination uptake in Australia, a systematic review. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 36(4):369-377. July 2012. [Full text]

Liu BC, McIntyre P, Kaldor JM, Quinn H, Ridda I, Banks E. Pertussis in older adults: prospective study of risk factors and morbidity. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 55(11):1450-1456. July 2012. [Full text]

Heywood AE, Watkins RE, Lamsirithaworn S, Nilvarangkul K, MacIntyre CR. A cross-sectional study of pre-travel health-seeking practices among travelers departing Sydney and Bangkok airports. BMC Public Health. 12:321 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-321. May 2012. [Full text]

Seale H, Mak JP, Razee H, Macintyre CR. Examining the knowledge, attitudes and practices of domestic and international university students towards seasonal and pandemic influenza. BMC Public Health. 12(1):307. April 2012. [Full text]

MacIntyre CR, Ridda I, Seale H, Gao Z, Ratnamohan VM, Donovan L, Zeng F, Dwyer DE. Respiratory viruses transmission from children to adults within a household. Vaccine. 30(19):3009-3014. April 2012. [Full text]

Heywood AE, Zhang M, MacIntyre CR, Seale H. Travel risk behaviours and uptake of pre-travel health preventions by university students in Australia. BMC Infectious Diseases . 12:43. February 2012. [Full text]

Li A, Newall AT, Britt H, MacIntyre CR. The cost and disease burden of pneumonia in general practice in Australia. Vaccine. 30(5):830- 831. January 2012. [Full text]

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To reduce the immunisation gap between adults and children through research, teaching and advocacy, with a special focus on the elderly, high risk and vulnerable populations.

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