A/Professor Bette Liu

NHMRC Research Fellow, program lead for ‘data linkage and big data’.

Bette Liu is an Associate Professor based in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at UNSW and an NHMRC Career Development Fellow. She is a medically trained epidemiologist with extensive national and international experience in the design, conduct and analysis of large-scale epidemiological studies and record linkage studies. The main focus of her work has been to identify and measure the impact of public health prevention strategies for common diseases through the use of observational study designs and analysis of large scale “big” data. She leads a number of studies focusing on vaccination coverage, and the burden of common vaccine preventable diseases in adults. 
Vaccine-related projects include:
1.    Providing the evidence to guide adult immunisation strategies: a novel approach using a large prospective cohort study and record linkage
2.    Quantifying the effectiveness of pertussis vaccine in older adults



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Mission statement

To reduce the immunisation gap between adults and children through research, teaching and advocacy, with a special focus on the elderly, high risk and vulnerable populations.

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