Dr Anita Heywood

Dr Anita Heywood B. Sc (Biomed), Grad Cert (Uni L&T), MPH, PhD
Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health & Community Medicine, UNSW, SYDNEY

Dr Anita Heywood is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW, Sydney and Director of the Master of Public Health program. 

Dr Heywood is an infectious disease epidemiologist whose research focuses on three key areas: vaccine-preventable disease epidemiology; travel-associated infectious disease risks; and migrant, refugee and international traveller immunisation gaps. She has led several large scale projects including airport studies of departing Australian and international travellers and their risk behaviours and an enhanced surveillance of Australians with travel-associated infectious diseases. She is currently leading a study with university students to estimate population immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases including measles and hepatitis B.  

Her 2016 publication “The contribution of travellers visiting friends and relatives to notified infectious diseases in Australia: State-based enhanced surveillance” published in Epidemiology and Infection focused on measles, typhoid, hepatitis A and hepatitis B (as well as non-vaccine-preventable diseases paratyphoid, malaria and chikungunya) found that:
•    77% of travel-associated notifiable diseases were in immigrants or their children. 
•    Travel to visit friends and relatives in their or their parents’ country of birth contributed 65% of imported disease.
•    Collection of travel history and cultural and linguistic data is important to monitor travel risk groups. 
•    Disease prevention in risk groups will impact on infection disease importation.

Dr Heywood is internationally recognised for her research on migrant travellers health risks and has been invited to present her research at the International Society of Travel Medicine conferences in 2015 and 2017. She led the traveller, migrant and refugee theme for the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence “Immunisation in under studied and special risk populations: closing the gap in knowledge through a multidisciplinary approach”.  In this role, the report outlining key recommendations arising from a national immunisation stakeholder workshop has been used to advocate for changes to the national immunisation register for migrants and refugees. In 2014 she was appointed as a Fellow in the inaugural Vaccine & Edward Jenner Vaccine Society Young Investigator Program. She is founding member of the Peer Advisory Committee of Franklin Women, a network for women in health and medical research




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